What’s Next?

What makes this information into professional development materials? Context.

Now that we have a collection of materials to study, we can provide context like with any curriculum. That being said, here are some of the methods we could use to compile and share this information:

  • Pressbooks – Use to easily create an ebook of any content (including professional development curriculum). Here’s an example ebook from Pressbooks.
  • WordPress with Documentor Plugin – Create web-based documentation for anything. Here’s an example Documentor website.
  • LuLu.com (printed materials) – If you need to print any curriculum you produce, you can do so from many publishers. LuLu.com is a great option because you don’t need and ISBN to order print materials for yourself.
  • GitHub repository – Uploading a WordPress export XML file or a HTML site into GitHub allows anyone to gain alter access to your materials.
  • Google Docs – When all else fails, any web-based document software could be used to publish professional development materials.
  • Etc. – All that to say, any website or web publishing platform can be used to openly share curriculum. Be sure to consider what’s best for your audience and what license you want to attribute to your content.

There are many more aspects of open professional development design we could continue exploring if we had more time. We thank you for joining us in this short exploration into collaboratively building unique professional development at #OLCInnovate.

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